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What is changing??

Before Amalgamation on January 1,2023

Before January 1 ,2023  there were  9 LSDs and 5 municipalities in the region.

4 chairs of the LSDs were  members of the Fundy Regional Service commission and represented all 9 LSDs on decision making.

5  mayors also were members .

lsd map (2).png

After Amalgamation January 2023 

The LSD of Musquash has now been removed from the

regional Service Commission.

The Town of Hampton has been  added.

Fundy St. Martins has been created with a mayor and council

Grand Bay-Westfield has absorbed part of LSD Westfield West

Fundy Rural District has been created and shown in pink on the map. Fundy Rural District will have 6412 people with a 4 person advisory committee.  2 members have been elected and 2 have been  appointed by the government.

Chair Ray Riddell will represent all residents in the Fundy Rural District at the Service commission

There will also be 6 mayors on the commission.

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