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The Government explanation of a rural district is found by clicking on the PDF   below

  1. Before January 1,2023  we had 4 chairs of 4 advisory committees who were elected to represent residents of 4 LSDs

  2. Those chairs were  Ray Riddell,( Westfield West and East) Bruce Dryer ( Greenwich), Cindy McCready ( Petersville) and Steven Fyffe (Kingston) 

  3. Ray Riddell was elected by 8 local LSD chairs to represent residents on the Fundy Regional Service Commission.

  4. All LSDs were  abolished on Dec 31st. 2022. All elected officials were relieved of duties.

  5. On November 28th there was  an election to elect 4 members of the new Fundy Rural District in 3 new wards. Only 2 members were elected and 2 will be appointed by the government.

  6. Ray Riddell was elected as the only rural representative on the new Fundy Regional Service Commission.

  7.  On November 28th. voter turnout was 9%, an historic low.

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