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New Mandated Services for the Regional Service Commissions

Regional service commissions were created a decade ago at great cost but  have failed to deliver , so the government has mandated new services for them. The  government has also put limits on opting out. The new Fundy Rural District will be serviced by the Fundy Regional Service commission in 2023.

The commissions will now be tasked with  economic development, tourism promotion, regional transportation and the cost-sharing of recreational infrastructure such as arenas ( whether built or not).  The region's property owners  will pay the increased  costs.

Daniel Allain, the minister of local governance reform, ordered these changes with little or no input from citizens and contrary to expert opinion on amalgamations. The right of locals to vote was abolished 

In addition, the Fundy Regional Service commission will now  be responsible for public safety committees to oversee policing and fire services. The Fundy Regional Service commission  will also  be paying for homelessness, mental health and poverty reduction services.

Communities within the regions will not be able to opt out of the "mandated" services that the commissions must provide, and will  pay for them with increases in property tax.

The Fundy Rural District will be represented at the commission by one elected member who will engage with 6 mayors to protect our rural community. The election took place on November 28th 2022.

A new voting formula will require support from members representing a simple majority of the population. Larger municipalities will dominate  smaller ones.  The government dictated a budget to the Regional Service Commission and forced it to contract with a company to provide services not needed by the Fundy Rural District. Significant budget expenditures  are  the first sign of the increase in costs and has yet to show on your property tax bill.

2023 draft budget

Please read over the budget and send any comments to me, Ray Riddell . In particular, note that the Fundy Rural district will be paying more this coming year in a number of categories.

The annual report from the Fundy Regional Service commission for 2021 for comparison


For questions and comments  please contact me , Ray Riddell , at or call Bill Oliver your MLA  directly with your thoughts.

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