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Draft Budget number 5  2023

FRSC 2023 Budget Version 5.png
  1. CRP is Cooperative and regional planning

  2. LP is local planning payable only by Fundy Rural District and Fundy St. Martins (new) 

  3. SW is solid Waste

  4. TP is tourist promotion (new)

  5. ED is economic development (new)

  6. CD is Community development (new)

  7. RT is regional Transport (new) 

  8. PSC is Public Safety committee (new)

  9. SRC is Sport and Recreation (new)

What does this mean for you??

  • New mandated services for the Regional Service Commission means increased costs

  • Corporate services will increase from $311,670 to $599,652 for three new hires

  • Fundy Rural District will pay $254,011 for a land use plan ( zoning and bylaws)

  • Fundy Rural District will pay $32, 477 for tourism promotion and 

  • Fundy Rural District will pay $92,681 for Economic Development

  • Fundy Rural District will pay for operating expenses and capital expenditures for all 5 buildings in the city of Saint John  as determined by the Fundy Regional Service Commission ( $232,752)

  • Those additional costs can only be paid for through increased property taxes

  • This budget deals only with member fees paid by the Fundy Rural District and there are other services to be paid for like fire protection, police protection and Garbage pickup.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback ! 

The Fundy Rural District has one member at the Regional Service Commission to represent the residents. Ray Riddell is our representative.

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